the polarity party

“The Polarity Party… provides impressive insights into the power of conversation…

The big win that you can pull out of a visit to this party is to recognize polarization, and to see it as an experience that can be acted upon, negotiated with, and possibly resolved.” 

         – Melanie Suchy, Stadtrevue, Cologne


an immersive, participative event on polarization. A collaboration between Dana Caspersen and the MichaelDouglas Kollektiv.

In THE POLARITY PARTY, participants step into a field of action where choreography and conflict resolution meet.

In this event, there is no performance and no spectators, instead simple actions such as walking, sitting and talking become tools for reflections and interaction.

The hosts/ creators of the project are dance artists who act as guides as participants move through a series of carefully crafted, action-based situations and configurations.

Participants are invited to consider the questions: What is polarisation? What does it do in us? What do we do with it?

The Polarity Party offers a situation where we can focus on the mechanism of polarization itself and our role in it. Join us.


To bring The Polarity Party to your community, please be in touch here.

Photos: Almut Elhardt, Dirk Rose. The Polarity Party, Essen and Cologne, Germany.