. . . an innovative look at conflict resolution that will be an eye-opener.”


This intriguing book covers a lot of ground. The basic themes of communication, respect, curiosity, and willingness to consider alternative points of view can get you through many of life’s toughest moments with the people who matter most to you.”


Changing the Conversation:
The 17 Principles of Conflict Resolution
offers individuals and groups clear and effective tools for moving beyond cycles of attack and counter-attack, turning conflict into an opportunity for positive change.

Penguin 2015,
a Joost Elffers Book

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    As Caspersen deftly distilled the essence of myriad strategies to resolve interpersonal conflict, Elffers similarly crafted an experiential product. Ultimately, they collectively created a valuable contribution to conflict resolution practices in the popular literature.” ACRESOLUTION MAGAZINE

    In a world where people of different cultures, outlooks, and intentions interact more frequently, there is less room for error, and if simply changing our natural reactions to discord and steering, instead of escalating, a conversation can prevent a conflict from becoming a conflagration, Caspersen’s book is an investment worth making.” CP JOURNAL

    This book is a marvelous thing. It has examples of common conflicts and language used in families, talking with teens, in work situations, in political discussions. On the facing page it gives examples of a more constructive approach….this book is good for beginners and those experienced in the practice.” THE BOWED BOOKSHELF

    Conflict mediator Dana Caspersen has identified 17 principles of conflict resolution that we’d do well to adopt.” THE HAMILTON OBSERVER

    HEALTHISTA names Changing the Conversation as one of “8 inspirational books to make you happier,” calling it “Best for…handling conflict.” HEALTHISTA

    A striking visual design by the book packager Joost Elffers, lays out 17 principles that Ms. Caspersen described as “a practical and action-based way of unpacking conflict so that we can see it as a series of manageable decisions about what we do.” THE NEW YORK TIMES

    At ROLI there are a few books that every new team member receives when they join the company. Dana Caspersen’s, ‘Changing the Conversation’, is one of those texts. We strongly believe that the process of building a company is fundamentally tied to the process of building a community and the approaches, tactics, skills and experience found in ‘Changing the Conversation’ have proven invaluable in the establishment and growth of our company and our community.” COREY HARROWER, Chief People Officer at Roli, makers of Seaboard Grand and the Seaboard Rise, London, England.

    Caspersen’s narrative is simple, but more valuable in its simplicity in that it’s usable. By breaking conflict resolution into 17 principles Caspersen has given us a system for solving problems.” MEGANSCRIBBLES

    The first page is so good that I copied it and put it up in my office.” THE HR MAVEN

    I loved how the book was set up…Each page was practical and used real life examples to help you see how you can work through situations that will ultimately come up and that will need to be dealt with. This was a powerful book that truly provides the reader with a ton of resources to draw from.” DAD OF DIVAS