“We are a group of conflict resolution professionals who sit with other folks’ conflicts every day. Somehow despite our familiarity with conflict, Dana was able to utilize thought provoking exercises asking us to sit with our own conflict to remind us in a visceral way not only what we experience as we navigate our conflicts but also what our clients are experiencing as we help navigate their conflicts.”

JEN HAWTHORNE, Chair of the Continuing Education Committee, Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council



I offer tailor-made workshops in conflict resolution skill-building that draw on my experience both as a conflict specialist and an artist. Whether in a single-day or multi-week training, I provide practical, experiential tools that help people and organizations develop a skilled approach and flexible mindset for engaging in difficult conflict situations of all kinds.

existing workshops

Essential conflict skills training
Practical methods to learn and practice the skills and mindset that will help you communicate effectively and move toward resolution in conflicts in all areas of your life.
Workshop duration flexible.

Choreographic thinking in the creation of participatory public events
A hands-on workshop integrating practices from the fields of conflict resolution and choreography in the creation of participatory social action events and powerful and effective communication tools.
Workshop duration, 1-5 days.

Feedback and reflection
Using practices from the field of conflict resolution and Budo, dance artist and Budo practitioner Amy Raymond and I help you develop the groundwork for a vital environment of exchange in training and workplace situations by building your capacity to constructively offer and receive feedback.
Workshop duration, 2-4 days.


custom workshops

Contact me to develop a workshop that offers a practical, actionable plan to achieve your group’s communication goals and your collective and individual ability to use conflict as an opportunity for positive growth.



Photos: top, Marvin Fuchs, bottom, Walter Vorjohann