Public Dialogue

Dana Caspersen belongs to the foremost protagonists of contemporary art and culture in Europe. The opportunity to develop a project on the topic of immigration jointly between Dana and the NH ProjektStadt, a major town and project developer in the federal state of Hesse, has been a great privilege and an adventure for us.”

Marion Schmitzstadtfeld, Director of the Competence Center for Integrated Urban Development, NH Projektstadt. Frankfurt, Germany. Project partner, “Knotunknot”

Public Dialogue

what is a choreographic public dialogue?

Choreographic public dialogues create a ground for connection and exchange on difficult topics by relying on simple physical methods to communicate ideas, positions, beliefs and relationships.

physical methods of exchange

In a choreographic public dialogue there is no audience, only participants, and no dancing, performance or physical skill is required. Instead, participants are invited into a highly structured choreographic framework that enables participants to use physical actions like standing, sitting and walking, in counterpoint with language and sound, to consider questions and exchange experience on issues ranging from immigration to violence.

collaboration based on experience

Drawing on my expertise in conflict analysis and my forty years of experience with choreographic thinking, I collaborate with community members to create events that are tailored specifically to the needs of that community.


getting involved

These projects are supported by individuals, foundations, groups and institutions in the U.S., Germany and the U.K.

If you are interested in learning more about choreographic public dialogues, would like to take part in future events or would like to bring an event to your community, please be in touch.


Photos: Marion Borriss